How has your experience been with your Title IX coordinator?
  • I know that on my campus, it was not an easy road. The communication between departments was fuzzy at best and no one really knew what to do. It was not until the last week of school (the events happened in September and October) that I even talked to the Title IX coordinator. Has anyone else had issues?
  • Yeah, my Title IX coordinator was horrible. I didn't have the same problem as you though. My school's Safety and Security director did her job - when I reported my assault, she immediately brought in the Title IX coordinator (as the law dictates). However, I have pages written up of all the shit the Title IX coordinator - Camille Hamlin-Allen - pulled on us, and I know that we weren't the only ones she mistreated. Just to name a few examples, my assault occurred towards the end of the semester (last April when the semester ended in late May). I left campus early to finish my finals from home because I was unable to function on campus. Before I left, she told me that my leaving campus would stop the investigation. When I returned in the fall, she started extending deadlines listed in the sexual offense policy to give my rapist more time to finish the semester (it was his last semester before graduating), she frequently lied to us about the hearing procedure, etc... We suspect but can't prove that she was counseling my rapist during the hearing itself.

    However, the most indicative example I know of is not mine but of one of my friends. When she was beginning the Oberlin internal investigation, Camille Hamlin-Allen told my friend that she should go speak to her rapist and forgive him. My friend tried to take her advice and ended up briefly in an abusive relationship with the man.

    Long story short, Camille Hamlin-Allen was the worst. During the fallout from the uncovering of the failings of Amherst and other liberal arts colleges to properly deal with sexual violence on campus, Oberlin made one real change to their policy, and that was to get rid of Camille. However, they replaced her with the woman who advised my rapist during the hearing, so I really can't say how much - if anything - has changed.