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  • Please Read Before Posting
    Important information to know before posting on the CARSON forums.
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  • General
    General discussions.
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  • In the News
    Discuss pieces you've seen in the news about advocacy, justice, and survivors.
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  • Personal Accounts
    A safe space for survivors of campus sex crimes to share their stories.
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  • Activism and Advocacy
    Use this space to organize and impact change! Find and share ideas for how to change the dialogue on your campus or even nationally.
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  • Surviving Today
    A place for survivors to share their day-to-day recovery - setbacks, daily victories... all the little things that add up to healing.
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  • Resources
    Find resources for all kinds of topics: mental health, reporting, Title IX, supporting survivors, etc...
    3 discussions 4 commentsMost recent: How has your experience been with your T… by karaJune 2014
  • Self Care
    Find resources and activities in order to take care of yourself and your well-being!
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  • Mental Health
    All kinds of resources to learn about your mental health and how to take care of yourself. Please note that these are informal online resources, and are to be used supplementary to professional medical care if possible. We at CARSON do not recommend self-diagnosing or self-treating serious medical conditions of any kind.
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  • Survivor Safe Space
    A private space in the forums for discussions amongst survivors only.
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  • For Supporters
    Open forum for supporters of survivors. Discuss and learn about the ways to best support the survivors in your lives, and take care of each other in this ally-centric space.
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